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    Weekday  8am -9:30pm (last balls 9:00pm)

    Weekend  7am - 9:30pm (last balls 9:00pm)



    Weekday  8am - 9:30pm (last balls 9:00pm)

    Fridays      8am - 8:30pm (last balls 8:00pm)

    Saturday   8am - 8:30pm (last balls 8:00pm)

    Sunday       8am - 6:00pm (last balls 6:30pm)

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2021 Playing Calendar

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Enjoy membership benefits & Join Kent's friendliest Golf Centre

Improve your golf and save money too....Adult membership £299 for the year gives 275 points to use for practice and play:-



Red Button - Small Bucket (30 Balls) £1.50*

Yellow Button - Medium Bucket (50 Balls) £2.50*

Green Button - Large Bucket (80 Balls) £4.00*

Blue Button - Jumbo Bucket (100 Balls) £5.00*


Members can top up their card at any amount and the golf balls will cost as per the above.  Short game practice is 2 points per session (non members price £5)




Between 55 and 130 rounds of nine holes at 2 to 6 points

(normal price is £12.00 - £15.00 for 9 holes)


There is a sliding scale of green fees which are higher priced at peak times and lower at off peak times (see table overleaf). Each time you play, your points will be taken from your credit.


You can of course work out any combination of practice and play to suit you and know you will be saving money at the same time. If your credit runs out during the year you can top up with any amount to suit your needs and enjoy the same discounts.


Credit can be topped up at any time and for any amount during the year. £1 = 1 point


Pay Monthly for your membership and still get your 275 points in advance.


Too many points to use? We have more options to suit every golfer:


Please note: Your points are valid for a year from the date the membership is carried out. Any outstanding points will be carried over once membership is renewed.


£399 - Unlimited Membership:

This membership is perfect for those who don't practice much and enjoy playing golf all year round. Our unlimited membership allows you to use the course without dealing with our points system. This membership will give you 50 points on your account to use for practice on the range and short game area, at the same rates as our other memberships.


£299 - Gold Membership:

This membership is perfect for those who enjoy playing the course and using the driving range equally. The points system is flexible to allow you to transfer you points across for use on the driving range or the golf course. This membership is ideal for the golfer who plays 3-5 times a month. If you use all your credit before the end of the year it is only £1 per point to top up.


£199 - Silver Membership:

If you feel our £299 membership gives you too many points to use, you can opt into our £199 membership, giving you 100 points to use. However if you use your points before the end of the year, you can top up your account at a cost of £2.00 per 1 point. You still can transfer your credit to a range card account and enjoy our fantastic discounts or simply deduct your points for a round of golf. We recommend this membership for people playing 2-3 times a month.


Juniors and Students:

Pay £60 for 52 points

Juniors pay 1 point for each nine holes

Students are charged as of the adult table overleaf.


Already a member at another club?

You can still join Manston Golf - pay £99 per annum, then pay members discounted green fees each time you play or practice. We will also give you 30 points on your account for use on the range, course & Short game. Ideal if you're a member of another club but regularly use our driving range or golf course and want to save some money.


9 Holes vary from 1 to 6 points


18 Hole prices are simply charged at the price of your first nine plus

2 point



Member Golf Pricing

Red Button -

Small Bucket (30 Balls) £1.50*


Yellow Button -

Medium Bucket (50 Balls) £2.50*


Green Button -

Large Bucket (80 Balls) £4.00*


Blue Button -

Jumbo Bucket (100 Balls) £5.00*



Additional membership benefits:


Acquire an worldwide system handicap.


Play in competitions and meet other members.


Bring a maximum of 3 guests per visit who will receive reduced green fee rates.


Register on our website to access membership competitions and draws


Play a course that is never muddy and never closes


Never had lessons before? - Book your first 30 minute session

for only £19.99