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Jude Read

Senior PGA Coach & Advanced Fitting Specialist

Golf Swing Consultation

Take your first steps to playing better golf this year and book a 30 minute swing consultation to get constructive feedback to help put your game on a path to improvement.

Jude helps people enjoy the wonderful game of golf.  He understands the frustrations you experience on the golf course, whether it be a slice of the tee, diminishing distance or too many shots around the green.


Jude helps people who play inconsistent golf overcome their challenges to play better golf.  With an holistic style of coaching Jude recognises that people and golf swings are all different and teaches each individual ensuring all factors are taken in to consideration.   He plans incremental improvements in technique and ensures that an explanation at every step,  to ensure that his students knowledge and not just technique improves.


This learning process gives his students great understanding of what is needed to play better golf and allows them to focus on shooting lower scores,  resulting with a strong mental game that lasts.


He has successfully cured frustrations of many golfers who are now playing their best golf ever.  His successful Pathway Program is based on achieving your goals and not just working on changing the golf swing, looking at your game as a whole as well as course data to produce a plan to map your pathway to better golf.




" I have been to see Jude many times now and it’s more than just golf lessons. He makes you feel relaxed and hitting bad shots is only part of the process.

The facilities he has are amazing and if you are interested in ball/swing data, it’s all here.

I travel over an hour for lessons purely because he’s the best.

Highly recommend Jude "


"I have been on Jude’s pathway program and can highly recommend it. Jude is the most experienced pro I have had lessons with. He has a very considered approach introducing new elements to help in bit size chucks. He makes learning fun and is very personable, taking a real interest in helping you to achieve your goals."


"Had lessons on and off with Jude over the years. Signed up to his pathway program and have seen a good improvement in my game

Jude has given me plenty of drills and tips and has made me aware of the faults and fixes with my swing. Anybody who is looking at lessons look no further than this knowledgeable and experienced professional

His experience in custom fitted clubs is also excellent"


"I have much enjoyed my swing transition with Jude. He has helped me understand the body movements to improve my club head caressing the ball. We have also had fun. A must if you wish to improve and win a few more games."


"In the lessons with Jude I always found him patient and understanding. His enthusiasm to get every client to be a better golfer comes through in his teaching. Jude's equipment set up is ideal for improving all levels of golfing."


"Jude Read is an excellent golf teacher. He has helped me tremendously to understand where my game has been falling short of my expectations and what to do about it. Just one example has been how to hit short chips onto the green from 60 to 100 yards. A great help. I still have other issues to attend to but working with Jude and taking his advice is starting to bear fruit. I will be continuing with his professional help and support"


"Jude helped me in my choice of clubs a couple of years ago with an in-depth analysis using latest technology. He also recently corrected lofts and lies for me. He suggested some new grips after I told him what issues I had. With all these corrections my golf has improved and the handicap has dropped. I would have no hesitation going back to Jude if any more issues creep into my game - which they will!"


"I've been playing golf for just over a year. Jude has helped improve my game substantially over the last 6 months. He also fits/repairs golf clubs which has also enabled me to fine tune my equipment. Highly recommended."


"I have just completed the pathway program. I found the video technology a great help and Jude explained everything thoroughly and went above and beyond. Answering questions and commenting on the videos I downloads. Great coach and great guy."


"If you are looking to improve your golf. Go see Jude Read.

I couldn’t hit a driver and didn’t use it for years, after seeing Jude,

he has performed a miracle with my Driver!

I now have the confidence to hit it long and straight, I now have a better understanding of the golf swing, which has helped me with better ball striking with my irons


Straight forward teaching in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend if you need to improve your golf swing."







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