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John Brotherton

PGA Professional

Golf Swing Consultation

Take your first steps to playing better golf this year and book a 30 minute swing consultation to get constructive feedback to help put your game on a path to improvement.

John started playing golf at the age of 12 at Lullingstone Park Golf Course near Swanley, Kent. In 1972 he started his PGA training there, passing his PGA exams 3 years later. He then spent 2 years as a coaching professional at Ruxley Driving Range. From there he was Shop Manager at Hawkhurst Golf & Country Club for 1 year before moving on to his first Head Professional position at Chestfield Golf, which he held for 30 years before leaving in July 2009. From 2009-2011 he was a freelance coaching professional at Boughton Golf Club.


Due to a back problem, John changed from playing from right to left-handed so has unique experience in both sides. He would be the natural choice for our left-handed clients a well as our right handers.


John's style of coaching is to make his lessons relaxed, interactive, informative and fun! This makes his approach simple to understand, easy to progress, quick to see improvements, and as a man who understands the strains of golf on your body, he makes maximum use of the body's natural movements wherever possible. He particularly specialises in the intricacies of the short game, and putting.




Barry Oakland signed up with John last year, and is signing up for another year, here's what Barry had so say about his experience so far:


"After years of hacking about, lessons with various instructors, I came across John Brotherton. I'm a lefty, he's a lefty, good start. After a lesson or two and a serious chat with John about how to improve my golf, I decided to go for the 12 months unlimited package.


He is the consummate professional who completely understands golf, and more importantly gets you to understand golf and play better. It's much more than improving your swing and overall technique - with John's passion and knowledge he imparts the knowledge and understanding that allows one to become the more effective golfer out on the course.


In my first season with John and at the age of sixty one, I won the Manston 5 club Challenge and became Manston Club champion, all this having never previously having won any thing in golf. This would not have been possible without John and his superb coaching!


Twelve months on, I am signing up for another year. This has been by far the best golf year of my life. I enjoy my golf like never before with the knowledge that in the background I have John, coach, instructor and very importantly, my golfing mentor.


John is by far the best golf coach I've had the pleasure to work with. If you want to improve your golf game in a fun and friendly atmosphere then book a lesson with John ASAP and better still sign up for the unlimited deal and it will change your golf forever for the better!"




John Brotherton has a unique way of understanding mentally what type of golfer he has in front of him. Everybody seems to have an opinion on your golf swing and what is wrong with it. The challenge is to know who to ignore and who to listen to. John Brotherton is in my view one to listen to. John seems able to diagnose precisely where the problems are and to take each part of your swing and restructure it to good effect, addressing not only the physical movements but also the psychological aspects of the problem. This is done with remarkable clarity in easy stages while avoiding excessive tinkering and information overload.

John also has a refreshingly innovative approach to all areas of the game, especially around the greens. If like me you are having problems, I would recommend John Brotherton to you without hesitation.

It is also important to point out that I am relatively new to playing golf seriously, but by having regular lessons with John, I continue to learn at a pace that fits with me and my lifestyle but most importantly after every lesson I leave with a burning desire to keep playing and progressing. Thanks, John.


Michael Wells




Hi John,
Just to say a "Big Thankyou" for helping me to enjoy my golf again. The block lessons worked out very well for me. Especially giving me "bullet" points to work with and I now know what to do to become consistent in my bunker play,chipping/pitching and I am no longer frightened of the driver, and I shot my best round for months !!
All in all  money very well spent . I would recommend you to anyone out there who is not enjoying their golf. Easy to understand , polite but professional .
Thanks again John


Albert Berritt



I am 66yrs old. And I never thought at my age I would have golf lessons.

(Too old and all that.)

So I decided to bite the bullet and have some. It was the best decision I have ever made.

I booked 8 half hour lessons with John Brotherton. As I started my first lesson I was a bit nervous

but John made me feel very welcome and we had a few laughs as well.

I have just finished my 5th lesson with John and I cannot believe how much I have improved

since my first lesson.

I have taken at least 5 shots per 18 holes off what I used to shoot.

And I have the confidence now to think I can go even lower.

Also since starting lessons with John I have become a lot more relaxed in my game.

Honestly I believe I would not of improved as much if it had not of been for Johns inspirational coaching.

Thank you so much John for all your efforts in coaching me and all your patience..

Anybody who wishes to improve their golf game, could do no better in my opinion than booking

John Brotherton to improve their game.

Thank you again John


Chris Devitt


I’d like to say that the short game clinic was very informative and you made it easy to understand thanks


Kevin Bickers



I have recently had the pleasure in having a package of golf lessons from John Brotherton the Senior Golf Professional at Manston Golf Centre.  At the start I was virtually unable to hit the ball and,  generally,  shanking, slicing and pushing to the right.  After just a few hours I am now able to hit a decent straight ball with a pleasing little draw at the end of the ball flight.  More importantly I can repeat shots with just a single thought process in mind during the swing.  Thank you John and I would like to recommend you to anyone that wishes to learn to play good golf shots.

Alex Laine

"I booked a lesson with John after my driving had developed a dreadful, immovable slice. After just 30 minutes of his sound advice, and a few warm up swings with the irons, that slice had disappeared. My driving is straighter, further and more consistent than ever. Most importantly it's enjoyable again. I'd highly recommend John / Manston golf coaches to any golfer looking to improve their game."


James Papworth


Hi John I would just like to say a big thank you for the coaching you have given me. I have had one on one lessons with you and also the roll up lessons which for £10 are fantastic value. Since I have been with you I can now draw a ball which I was always slicing , my short game has come along ten fold along with my confidence and knowledge and also my longest drive was 250 I am now hitting the driver 268yds and so much more accurate.So once again thank you very much and I will see you soon for the roll up lessons

Paul Collier



Hi John
I just wanted to say I’ve just had one of the best range experience that I can remember, not only was I striking the ball well but I know have a draw forming. I know its early stages and I won’t get too carried away but just wanted to say a big thank you for a great start and a way of me finding the love for the game again
Many thanks


Ross Musty



I attended John's short game clinic which covered shots around the green and bunker play. The changes I have made following the clinic have saved me several shots per round, I am now playing shots with a higher percentage of success which are getting me closer to the pin when just off the green, resulting in more single putt opportunities. I would recommend the clinic to both starters and seasoned players alike.

Just need a putting clinic now!!


Philip Bailey



The clinic was brilliant. It has improved my short game immensely. The clinic gave me confidence to play different clubs around the green which i wouldnt have been happy to do before the clinic. As always your knowledge and simple teaching methods have rewarded me with having different options when deciding on what type of club/swing/shot to use.


Stuart Todd



These clinics are a great opportunity to learn what to do, try it out and to learn from others in the group. Interesting to learn about club selection as well as technique. John is always good humoured and patient and will go the extra mile to help. A very enjoyable and informative couple of hours.


Chris Brant




Hi John

I'd just like to say thanks and show my support for the short game clinic on Saturday.

I enjoyed the relaxed atmospere and how you explained each shot around the green in a way that was easy to understand.

For me, just getting out of a bunker, was the area I needed most advice on.

I didn't suddenly become an expert, but now feel confident in what to practice to improve.

If anyone has ever thought about, or been unsure about coming along to one of your clinics, - they should give it a go.

They'll have a great couple of hours and come away more confident at the end of it.


Chris Bacon



Myself and Marion would very much like to thank you for the Short Game Clinic we attended.

All the points covered relating to the short game part of your round really helped us the following Friday at our society game.

It's very surprising exactly what we amateurs seem to forget, things like where your weight should be, what iron to use, your stance, how to take the shot/chip etc.

Most of all we need to take on board as you say just how important practice is.

John and Marion Beattie




I attended one of Johns short game clinics. It started with a very good demonstration

by John on how not to do it followed by how to do it. At this point of course I feel that my game is not quite up to scratch. John then looks at your game and makes the necessary changes to your swing. As I have been away I've not been able to go to the range and put into practice the changes that John made. However I have played two rounds and much to my amazement my chipping has shown great improvement. So thank you John.


Trevor Stedman.





I would recommend the clinics to any golfer it was well presented and it has helped my game. All questions were answered with reasons why I look forward to the next clinic.


Peter Dormedy



Lesson Prices

Half hour £35

2 hour package  £119

4 hour package  £199

6 hour package  £349 including - 9 holes